Anchorages, Agendas, and Ignorance.

A great post on the realities of the the proposed anchorages on the hudson river from a mariner with more miles above kingston going astern than I have going ahead!


The Hudson River is a beautiful stretch of water. It reaches from the Battery to Troy Locks in a roughly 130 mile meander that is wide at her lower reaches and narrow and dark in the ”upper end”. The bridges that cross at various points offer vistas that will take your breath away. The fact that this river has been a conduit for commerce for a few hundred years should come asno surprise. It’s the perfect corridor, with limitations.

This post is inreference to the proposal for expanding the availability of anchoragesalong the river, including my effort to enlightenthe less than well informed resistance theproposalhas met. I will make an effortto mitigate the criticisms that were based on alack of facts. It’s clear to me and many of my colleaguesthat the resistance came with a flood of ignorance and supposition. Those who are screaming the loudest are using arguments that…

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