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Photo of the week 7-26-14

I visited some friends aboard the Charles W. Morgan yesterday and in there honor here is a shot a snapped after undocking her in New Bedford.

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Comin’ In Hawt’

Just imagine the title yelled in German over the VHF, and you get the idea. A great video shared by the crew over at Gcaptain.

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Spot Jobs, of a Different Kind

I have been busy with things other than the new house and having fun since I got home. Having to take an extra week off from work to make my closing meant trying to make up some of the lost … Continue reading

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Fiddler’s Green

Roughly three weeks, I know I know I know! I have actually gotten messages about not posting, the Therapist Fiancé has been asking me if I am going to. Honestly I have a very good excuse though! We not only … Continue reading

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