Seastreak Wall Street findings

The NTSB released their report on the Seastreak Wall Street allison last month. It is a good read and highlights errors made by the crew, company, and manufacture of the CPP controls. The basic hit points are know your controls backwards and forwards, make sure your deckhands control passengers, always make a stay seated announcement even as just a cover your ass, and never approach the dock fast than you are willing to hit it. I could write it all out here but the NTSB already did at the below link.

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1600 Master Near Coastal, Master of Towing Vessels, and a whole binder full of other pieces of paper. You can find me at the controls, hooked up and hard over, when I'm not at home playing with the dogs
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2 Responses to Seastreak Wall Street findings

  1. JayNola says:

    Isn’t that the number 1,2,&3 rules of boat handling? “Never approach anything faster than you are willing to hit it.”

    • Pretty much, I know from a few friends that that particular dock can require a tricky and fast approach when the tide is running, however sometimes you have to try and figure out a better way in the interest of “what if?”. All the more reason to absolutely know the controls of the vessel, and make sure passengers remain seated until docked.

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