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Photo of the Week 4-28-14

Another shot from my recent trip down the Houma Nav, more on that in a later post!

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Great Expectations, Torrens Tide, Maverick

Two new boats I got a look at on my way down the houma nav a week or so ago. First is a new PSV for Tidewater from Leevac, the Torrens Tide. Another nice looking modern design and I am … Continue reading

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Boston Strong

Stay strong Boston

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The Likes of You Again

I couldn’t quite get to sleep last night, so instead of tossing and turning I spent an hour whipping this time lapse together last night. It is from my last hitch at ECO, call it The Last Ride of the … Continue reading

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Photo of the week 4-5-14

It has been a while since I have done one of these. I guess I needed a shot that came from a camera other than my own, that and caught my eye!

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Cohasset Harbor

Took a drive today and took a couple shots at Cohasset harbor. One lobster boat, the Ida Jean, really caught my eye. In a town of million dollar homes, soccer moms in Range Rovers, and very good high school lacrosse. … Continue reading

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More Toy Boats

Ran some of the RC fleet today and worked on the new boat a bit. It was a little too rough in the one cove I could run in, I had to avoid seemingly every retired man in Plymouth who … Continue reading

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