Finished with Engines

It’s the start of my last weekend on the boat this hitch, and I have definitely gotten that Finished With Engines feeling. For those unfamiliar with the term, it is what the bridge would ring up on the engine order telegraph when they were finished with maneuvers to let the chief know he could shut down the plant. In deep sea shipping it is a saying an AB would use to let the bosun know he is done with overtime work for his hitch. Here on the mud boat, it’s what I say when the overwhelming urge to get on that airplane and head north comes over me. With about five days left, or four and a wake up depending on what watch you are on, it is definitely about that time.
Not that I hate my job like a lot of cubicle rats do, it can just get old after a month. Fourchon is truly the city that never sleeps, with 50% or better of its population awake and working at any given time. For vessels like mine, with very high utilization levels, the pace can be grueling. Even when you are off watch, if you are like me, you will often wake up for a moment when thrusters kick on. You’ll lie there for a minute, think about what the boat may be doing and how it will effect you, and go back to sleep.

The city that never sleeps


light midnight traffic


Honestly I love it. The industry is truly booming right now and it is exciting for those involved in it. New boats, new technology, higher wages, better benefits. Getting to do and see things most of the world doesn’t. There is opportunity everywhere, whether it is financial or advancing your career. The time is certainly now.
The signs are easy to see too, everyone is building boats for one. Bigger and more advanced than ever for many. According to the guard at ECO housing, the next boat to roll out of NAS is the C-Installer, a jones act sub sea construction vessel. All I can say is good on ya Mr. Gary! Vessels like that and the Blue Orca truly show why the media continues to call you an industry leader.
Companies aren’t just building new boats either, they are bringing them back from over seas. Tidewater two years ago was know for just having a couple pieces of junk in the gulf, and then the Damon Bankston of Deepwater Horizon fame. In the last two months they have brought two more big boats of that class back. The Ken C. Tamblyn and the Paul W Murril. They might be competition but it is still exciting to see, its good for the gulf, honestly its good for America.

Paul W Murrill


Though in a couple days much of this will be pretty far from my mind, I’ll be riding off into the sunset, headed for home and the best girl in the world. There isn’t much better motivation than that.

Sun at my face, wind at my back


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1600 Master Near Coastal, Master of Towing Vessels, and a whole binder full of other pieces of paper. You can find me at the controls, hooked up and hard over, when I'm not at home playing with the dogs
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