Raise a glass, say a prayer

The oilfield isn’t all cool boats, great sunset photos, and deep blue water. Just yesterday the uglier side of the business reared its head when a helicopter carrying a pilot and three passengers crashed about 30 miles northeast of Venice LA in Main Pass Block 108. The Passengers were employed by the Wood Group of Scotland, all three passengers survived the crash though unfortunately the pilot did not. The passenger’s survival is much due in part to the quick action of the crew of the crewboat Mr. Ridge, owned and operated by Iberia Marine Service

So everyone at the house raise a glass to the crew of the Mr. Ridge, and say a prayer for those affected and lost

Helicopter supported by lift bags (U.S. Coast Guard photo)


Crewboat Mr. Ridge (photo courtesy of Iberia Marine Services website)


all specifics taken from the USCG, and this Gcaptain article

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