Where does the time go?

Well as some of you may be thinking, and as the Capt. behind Crew Boat Chronicles reminded me, it’s about time for an update here. I’ve had record traffic on my two time lapse videos and I thank you all for that. I enjoy making them and will continue to do so! So what has been going on here?

To start while I was last home I passed five of the six modules needed for my 1600 ton masters license. One to retake and I will have made the big step for my career, not just in general but at ECO as well. It will be one step closer to running my own watch, and hopefully one day my own boat.

Getting back to work however, well it didn’t go as well as testing did. Southwest had a nationwide computer problem and I ended up stuck in Atlanta for the night. So after getting in a day and a half late, I was headed to the Allie Chouest. She is a newer second generation 280′ class boat that works for the same client. We spent a week offshore and it was really a great experience. I got to work with some great crew, see some different ways of doing things, and learn a thing or two. The boat itself was a space ship compared to my normal ride. Full bridge integration and the MT DP system. Even better I got to use the MT system on DP for five days which was awesome. Most of our fleet uses it and I have mostly Kongsberg experience at this point. In addition to the MT system the Allie is also a controllable pitch propellor boat with bow and stern thrusters. Another new thing for me, different start up procedures and more or less conventional boat driving. I will say they are very easy boats to drive, plenty of power and smooth controls. Somehow they lack the character of the z-drive boat I am on now. Vanilla almost, not bad at all, just not as fun. At the end of the day though she DP’s well and gets the job done. Not to mention has very nice accommodations, definitely a good boat.

After a week offshore on the Allie I got off on their normal crew change, as I had missed the C-Performer twice, and headed over to LA Ship in houma to the Amber. She was in dry dock when I got there and about to begin her ten year ship yard period. I already had a few friends onboard, whom I had worked with before, quickly made a few more. She is first generation 280′ class boat also working for the same client. It’s been a busy few days cleaning and then crawling tanks with the USCG and ABS. I’ve been enjoying learning the bowels of a different boat, and the 280’s are very different below decks from the 240′ I am on. There has been a lot of hard dirty work, but I can honestly say I am enjoying myself.

A few shots of the bridge of the Allie Chouest

The Forward Control Station

The Aft Control Station


Looking Forward from the Aft Station


The MT DP console #1


Pulling away from C.R. Luigs


M/V Amber in dry dock

Bow Tunnel and Swing Down Thruster


Stern Tunnel and some missing items!


In Dry Dock


About newenglandwaterman

1600 Master Near Coastal, Master of Towing Vessels, and a whole binder full of other pieces of paper. You can find me at the controls, hooked up and hard over, when I'm not at home playing with the dogs
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