A couple days here in the life.

Here is a short time lapse video I put together last hitch. In case you were wondering what running the boat in Fourchon and offshore is like….well now you don’t have to wonder!

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500 Ton Mate Near Coastal/3000 Ton Mate OSV/100 Ton Master Inland Towing Endorsement, ARPA, Unlimited Radar, AB-limited, Radio License STCW, TWIC, and a love of running boats
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11 Responses to A couple days here in the life.

  1. Kaiser Sozay says:

    What, no music with that video?

  2. zolljl says:

    too bad the Naval deployments didn’t roll by this fast!!! Thanks for the tour….

  3. lifeat6mph says:

    interesting video. it looks like you guys spend a lot of time in reverse. are the boats set up in any special way for that?

  4. Brian Busby says:

    Very nice video. I have been making little videos with my GoPro but still learning to use batch processor to shrink the pics. I work for E.C.O. as well kinda moving around the Chevron Boats while I complete my DP time.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone! We spend 75% of our time at the aft wheelhouse controls when port, and nearly all of our time there at the rig.

    Brian- Do they have many even time boats in the chevron division?

    • Brian Busby says:

      Not many, I know several people that talk about doing it but they can’t get every one involved to go along with it.

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  7. Mike Borkowski says:

    Awesome video!

  8. G. Chouest says:

    We are already short handed on capable and experienced officers, with new builds continuing to hit the water. It takes a minimum of 3 bridge officers for a successful 28/14 rotation. To do even time, it would take 4. We are to short handed at the present time. Do the math, even time will not work right now.

  9. captainwjm says:

    Nice video; thanks.

  10. Thanks for the comments and views everyone! Also thank you Mr. Gary for the comment, as well as the job I really do love.

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