The fun never ends

After my extended time off coming to work for only two weeks doesn’t seem real. I feel like the hitch just got started and crew change is already a few days away! I’m not complaining, the home savings account is, I however certainly am not.
That aside, even with only two weeks on the boat you are bound to have at least one totally fubar day. On the painting scheme of things we have had a week and a halls worth thanks to a watch that has a different idea of a job well done, but today was all about moving the boat.
Due to a variety of reasons I certainly got my practice in today, and today was a perfect example of the fourchon shuffle, also know as the mud boat two step. First it was moving off the client’s dock for the crewboat. At this point Halliburton slip is a mess, everyone’s phone had rung and the message started the same, “yea cap we need you to fire up and”. After heading down to heavy lift we got lines out only to get kicked out, there goes hiding spot number one. We pull our gangway, drop the lines and head back into the slip to a now open spot at C-Port Two. Not a moment had passed and the phone rings, time to shift up a little ways and get some deck cargo. Cargo loaded, but it’s time to move again, the Amber is coming in to offload. We slide farther down the slip and tie up on a smaller tidewater boat, real gentle like, as to avoid breaking their smaller lines. Finally it’s time for dinner, we did get enough time to eat! However then the President Tide had to get out, bound for Nicaragua!
Slide across the slip, let them out, slide back in. Another boat, HOS Boudin, similarly looking for a place to hide ties up on us. I finally have an hour to change hydrostatic releases on the life raft and go through the trauma kit for expired items. Phone rings, time to move again, C-Port needs to get a boat in there. HOS Boudin fires up, goes looking for a spot, we slide down the slip back to we’re we had been earlier and tie up alongside the Celena Chouest. Here we sit, the kicker being I spaced on bringing my gopro up today and haven’t recorded any of the shuffling. No big loss, there will be other days
Now don’t take this as complaining, I love driving the boat, it’s just unnatural for a Friday to feel so much like a Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone, we’ll be headed offshore in the morning, loaded for bear.

Everyday we shufflin’


About newenglandwaterman

1600 Master Near Coastal, Master of Towing Vessels, and a whole binder full of other pieces of paper. You can find me at the controls, hooked up and hard over, when I'm not at home playing with the dogs
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