Case of the Mondays

Somedays on the boat it doesn’t matter how much you try, everything will seemingly just frustrate the hell out of you. We came in from offshore this morning, in steadily worsening weather. Our anemometer even has a 97 knot gust recorded as a peak from last night, and the seas are supposed to be worse tonight!
The weather really probably explains my mood, it’s awful hard to sleep with the thrusters screaming and your head hitting the end of your bunk as you slide back and forth. I’ve taken to putting my pelican case at the end of my bed and wedging my feet against it. Every little bit helps.
The other part of my mood is the wind that comes with the weather, like rain and city drivers, it seems like 20-30 knots of wind make half the operators in fourchon forget what they do for a living. From coming up the bayou at 3 knots (with the wind on the beam), to tying up three wide (in the case of supply boats) or sterning up (crew boats) in the worst places.
Such is life! Besides, in a week I’ll be in the Bahamas. So to hell with it.

Seacor crewboat and a platform photo by myself


About newenglandwaterman

1600 Master Near Coastal, Master of Towing Vessels, and a whole binder full of other pieces of paper. You can find me at the controls, hooked up and hard over, when I'm not at home playing with the dogs
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