Pretty Pages of Paper (Advanced DP)

Well here I am back at the boat after a couple days off and my advanced DP class. I am a little wiser and a little heavier by two bits of paper and a pretty nice hat. Overall it was a great class and I couldn’t be happier with the experience.
Over the four day period of class we each participated in two simulations, once working as the captain of the watch and once as the DPO. Due to our uneven number of people we rotated watch partners and it was interesting to see the different dynamics between people. For my shift as captain I was lucky to have my friend Katrina Morrison (MMA 12′ SVO, and a mate on the Kobe Chouest) as my DPO. She works with the MT DP system on a regular basis where as I have a Kongsberg, and we also are pretty good at reading each others minds.
During my second simulation I was the DPO for a relief captain off one of our crew boats, and our level of communication could not have been more different. He was used to working completely on his own and so there was definitely a learning curve to the idea of a “bridge team”.
During the course of the week we had a variety of scenario’s as well as system and equipment failures. Capt. Bobby our instructor was great not only for the fact that he tried to draw recreate as many real world incidents for us, but he also made the effort to get into the character of the multiple people you interact with over the radio and phone during a typical watch. At several points he even had other students play the roles of loud deck hands arguing about sports in the wheelhouse, to the clueless cadet taking flash photo’s of the bridge at night.
All in all I feel pretty fortunate to work for a company that has invested to the level it has, both in state of the art equipment and top notch instructors, in order to provide the level of training that I have experienced in the DP training scheme.

Is this a simulator for an OSV or the starship enterprise?


The world at your finger tips


Behind the curtain


Katrina in the the hot seat


The clueless cadet’s new profile photo


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