Sometimes they drill quick, sometimes they drill slow

Just five days left in my hitch and it’s been a pretty slow one, so far as runs out to the rig are concerned. When we started running to the new location, near the end of the last hitch, the captain I work with said it would be slow going. He has run out to this area of green canyon before for another client and it was a fight for them the whole time. Lots of hard rock in the formation as well as gas. I’m going to try and track down some drilling for dummies type books to help me better understand the challenges faced by the people on the other end of the crane wire.
All in all it has been a nice change from the almost back to back crew boat style runs we had been making the last few months. While I do enjoy running, and I will take all the DP set ups I can, a break in the routine is nice.
In addition my comfort level is vastly increasing in operating the boat. These late 90’s era supply boats are somewhat awkward from a design standpoint. They were built in an in between period where DP was starting to take over, however the wheelhouses were still in the “back up and tie up” period. As a result the visibility from your aft station is great directly out the back, and that’s about it.
It can make maneuvering around the dock hard with out knowing a few things. The most important is that the bollards in Fourchon are for the most part evenly spaced; 50ft apart. So if you have a deckhand line your aft bitts up on a bollard and you have five bollards of dock space, there is just barely the room to tie up a 240′ like the C-Performer.

The view from our aft station


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