Great Boats 4 (sort of)

I should probably change the name of this section, but I saw this contraption the other night and just had to find out what it was.


It’s name is the VB 10,000 and as you can see its one big bad ass lifting derrick. The fully gimbaled legs sit upon two 300’x72′ barges that each have four 1,000hp thrusters and the entire rig is DP 3 capable in 35′ of water or greater. It’s two 240′ tall gantries hold four 2,000 ton lifting blocks coupled to hydraulically powered winches each rated at 400 tons. The winches can be controlled individually or in sync, and all said and done this bad boy is rated for 7,500 tons of lifting capacity. I can tell you that offshore at night, it looks like E.T. Has landed on a platform.


About newenglandwaterman

1600 Master Near Coastal, Master of Towing Vessels, and a whole binder full of other pieces of paper. You can find me at the controls, hooked up and hard over, when I'm not at home playing with the dogs
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2 Responses to Great Boats 4 (sort of)

  1. My uncle the logger would call this a “rig”. The company that operates it is an “outfit” .
    So, what outfit runs the rig?

  2. I simply called it wicked friggen cool when I saw it. That would be a sweet gig as a DPO in my humble opinion. It is owned and operated by Versa Bar, who specialize in picking up heavy things for the oil and gas industry. Their website is here:

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