As fast as you’re willing to hit it

Well I’ve been on the C-Performer just over two weeks now and got to put her on the dock for the first time today. I’ve run the boat plenty underway and around fourchon a bit, but was glad to finally get to put it on the dock, especially with the 13-15 knots of breeze tonight.
Performer has twin zdrives aft, and a tunnel thruster forward, there is also a drop down zdrive forward but that can’t be used except offshore. Essentially a super easy boat to drive, the visibility isn’t terrible to the sides when you try to look ahead at all from the aft station, but you really just line your aft bitts up with he bollard you want to grab and try no to worry about the rest too much. The coolest thing for me with this boat is being able to clutch the zdrives in and out; and quickly too! The other zdrive I have driven is a Foss Dolphin class tractor and it’s drives are always in gear. The biggest downside would be the tunnel thruster. Coming from Odyssey which has a great bow thruster with some balls, this one is only about 200hp bigger, on a boat that is 65′ longer, up to 13′ deeper, and easy displaces three times as much. Essentially when there is any wind, or even just to press up against the dock, you use a lot of bow thruster.
Now as to the title of this post, it is part of a saying that was in my head when I hopped into the chair. “never approach the dock faster than you are willing to hit it” This morning I will admit I was moving the boat around faster than I would have liked. I caught myself bringing the drives back to clutch several times and not actually clutching out, and even with out the kort nozzles the drives will move the stern of this boat around quickly. Thankfully they will stop it just as quickly!
All in all she’s a fun boat to drive, and really doesn’t feel any bigger from that aft station that say Odyssey, just a whole lot heavier.

Where the magic happens!

Oh did I mention it’s Friday the 13th?

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1600 Master Near Coastal, Master of Towing Vessels, and a whole binder full of other pieces of paper. You can find me at the controls, hooked up and hard over, when I'm not at home playing with the dogs
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