And so a new voyage begins….

          Waterman is a term typically associated with tan Polynesian men, lifeguards and surfers, fisherman and sailors. Men who live a lifestyle that has one foot in their ancient roots, the other in the modern day. A Capt. I work with used this term the other day to describe our fathers, and I corrected him. They and we are New England Waterman, raised on cold water and hard work. We grew up running small boats, working in shipyards, exploring in kayaks and dories. My friend wanted to bring the term back and make it our own, and I with him.

          My Idea with this blog is to write about all things nautical with this salty life that many of us live. Hopefully topics that every type of watermen in New England will find themselves talking about at the shipyard coffee break; or watch change in the galley.

About newenglandwaterman

1600 Master Near Coastal, Master of Towing Vessels, and a whole binder full of other pieces of paper. You can find me at the controls, hooked up and hard over, when I'm not at home playing with the dogs
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