Signs of life

While I’m not back to posting on here regularly, I am delving back in to photography and new casino 2020 in a big way and I don’t want anyone to miss out. If you have instagram please look up my public profile, @newatermanphoto for a chance to see what I imagine originally brought you to this blog. As the weather continues to break and I knock out some projects at home I imagine I’ll find my way back to the keyboard and a more regular stewardship of this site. Until then I’ll see you all on the one whistle.

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Things will be quiet for a while.

Well I know I said I would be trying to post more, this and that, etc. It’s just not going to be happening folks. A combination of a lot of factors has made it more stress than stress relief. I’m trying to make better financial moves at lord of the ocean kostenlos to eliminate some debt, and the cost of both websites, and data hosting just isn’t in the budget for the moment. Coupled with that my camera is on its last legs and replacing it certainly isn’t in the budget. So no data to post photos with, and before long no camera to take them with. I renewed the domain name as the cost to that is minimal so the site isn’t going anywhere, there likely won’t be any new content for the time being. I’ll be back, hopefully when I’ve got some nice photos, and positive things to write about.

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I’ve been trying folks


Well I’ve been really trying to write more lately, it just isn’t happening though folks. It’s probably a combination of a lot of things, call it blogger’s fatigue, a lack of real excitement for work some days, and just too much going on with life. Frankly there hasn’t been a lot of happy news to write about in the industry lately. We’re all feeling the squeeze of low rates and equipment oversupply. As a consolation prize for reading that bit of pouting here are a few photos from Sail Boston 2017. During my last time off I did a quick two day trip to Boston and back from the Vineyard towing the Black Dog Tall Ship Shenandoah onboard my vacation home the tug Jaguar. We brought her up for the parade, towed her in the parade and then headed home. A few days later, with out me, Capt. Charlie and Jaguar made the return trip. You'll find the best lucky lady charm here, you have time to get it!

I’ll try and cheer things up a bit the next few weeks, and finish one or two pieces I’ve been writing. I’ve got some thoughts on more than a few of the recent big news events in the Industry. The U.S.S. Fitzgerald collision, the Hyannis Ferry Vs. The Hyannis Port Breakwall, the potential demise of paper charts, and hopefully a closer look at some new build equipment. I’m also considering getting back to writing more gear reviews, so let me know if thats something you the readers are interested in.



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The City Dock of Brotherly Love

Well after a bit of a shake up here at the office, I’ve been re-assigned for the time being to the Philadelphia fleet. I’m on a sister ship to my previous vessel, with a pretty gravy contract shuffling one of our coastal size barges up and down the Delaware River to and from various refineries and terminals. Its been a bit of an adjustment not doing three or four moves a watch, and I keep catching myself making sure the volume hasn’t been turned down on the radios. You get used to the constant noise in the background working in an area like New York harbor, and when 13 isn’t constantly going the wheelhouse seems awful quiet.
I spent several months down here with McAllister, doing mostly ship and assist work, in 2015 during a “slow period” in New York. So its been good to start getting refreshed on the berth names and numbers at the numerous terminals, as well as getting more acquainted with my current company’s operations here on the Delaware River. Aside from the difference in pace, the way bunker operations work here in the greater Philadelphia area is completely different from New York. While we are on contract doing non bunker work, I still get to watch the other boats run up and down the river to various terminals and anchorages to bunker the variety of tankers, bulkers, and container ships that call on the Delaware River.
So in between relearning berths, locations of security calls, and what channel dispatch stands by on, I’ll try and keep taking a photo or two. After all my writing certainly isn’t the reason most of you are here.

P.S. I hope some of you see what I did there with the title.


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Photo of the week, 05-11-17

“Sassafras westbound at sunken meadow for the gate, light one alongside, Sassafras”


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The Mark


The mark of experience, a certain kind of experience, that’s what the rust on the rails of a tug tween the quarter bitts and texas bar represents. I tend to agree with, as a mentor once told me, “A tugboat doesn’t have to look like shit to make money”. He was of course referring to rust, and dents, and torn up fenders. Though it might have also been a subtle dig at the various boats that appeared to be designed with framing squares, either through back yard engineering or professional CAD program.
However when working with the tow wire, there is a bit of rust that is inevitable, that only goes away for a brief fleeting moment during the height of painting season. The bright orange of fresh oxidation that is left behind from the wear and tear of the wire going over the rail of a tug while transitioning to and from alongside the barge. As operator commands his well choreographed ballet between the boat and barge, the wire slides fore and aft,is hauled in and out dragging the shackle, socket and pennant over the bulwarks. It only takes a couple repetitions of this evolution to color the rails a bright orange in that most working region of the back deck.
It is by this wear and tear, much like the occasional jagged broken antler of a buck, that you can tell a tugboat and its operators are exercising the full chest of tools they are equipped with. After all the ability to tow astern, and transition to and from alongside are what the winch and after controls are there for. It’s a shame when they, like the skill set necessary to make them work, doesn’t get exercised enough to cause a little rust. It’s the mark of a wire boat, which of all of the kinds of work boats, are my favorite.

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Photo of the week 03-04-17

Yet another one of my offices, in black and white.


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