Boats Ive WorkedOn

A visual work history if you will.

Tug Jaguar:

photo by Ryan Silva

Capt. John&Son IV, II, Pilgrim Belle
Local whale watch and charter fleet

Foss Atlantic Fleet (Constellation Maritime)
Tugs Lynx, Leo, Orion, Phoenix, Cygnus, Tucana

Position: Deckhand/Mate

Gary Chouest
Position: Training Mate

Position: Mate, Training Capt.

Allie Chouest
Position: Mate

HOS Beaufort: Chief Mate

Photo by Capt. Kevin Buttry

HOS Bluewater: Mate/Chief Mate

Resolute: Mate Trainee

Resolute with the B-233

Resolute working a carship

Barbara McAllister: Mate

Barbara with the B-262 westbound at the academy

Barbara with the B-262 westbound at the east end

McAllister Girls: Mate

Photo by Aunt Ellen!

Photo by John Skelson

Photo by John Skelson

Reid McAllister: Mate Trainee/Mate

Reid McAllister at the McAllister Philly yard

Alex McAllister: Mate

The Alex getting her line back with the Philadelphia skyline in the background

4 Responses to Boats Ive WorkedOn

  1. Viki Moore says:

    I want to have a go on a tug boat! I am hoping to get a commercial endorsement on my sailing qualifications, but what training did you have to do to work on one?

    • Viki,
      Im not sure how licensing works in NZ, however to work as a deckhand on a tug in the U.S. you need at the minimum your merchant mariners credential as an ordinary seaman and TWIC (transportation worker identification card). Many companies will also want you to have STCW 95 basic safety training.
      To work as an officer you will need sea time and to pass tests. Depending on the license you test for you may also need to complete a TOAR (towing officers assessment record) to have a towing endorsement added to your license.

  2. Joe says:

    Hey I was wondering about the keithbradleyrc boat you got. I have sent a couple of emails to his website with no reply. I also work in the GOM for Adriatic marine. I have posted on your post on tht and enjoy some of your videos. I have bought my son a rc boat but am looking to get into it myself asi was having as much fun as him. I am wanting a top quality build but dont want to spend the time building myself. Any help you can give on getting in touch with him ?

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