Tugs on Parade, courtesy of a screwchange

Currently I am sitting back at work here in Fourchon, after what can only be described as a pretty bad crew change. Several days of waiting, not a lot of sleep, bad food, and getting dropped right into the end of a spot job at 0600 on a saturday.
On the plus side I got another day at home and what a day it was. July 29th was the Centennial of the opening of the Cape Cod Canal, and there have been festivities and events going on most of the week preceding it. My entire time home I was not looking forward to my return to work for all of the usual reasons, however this time I had one added reason. I was slated to travel on the 29th, not only the day of the Centennial, but also of the celebratory tugboat parade in the canal!
If you arent a frequent viewer you might not know the reasons why I wanted to be there for this. The Cape Cod Canal (CCC) is an intertwined part of the Therapist Fianc and Is lives. I have made countless trips through it and still do while home. Together we have had more than a few milkshakes at the sandwich boat basin watching the boat traffic and walking the dog along its banks. As my pictures show it is often where I got to catch tugs and other traffic making their transit from one bay to another. We arent the only people in the are who consider the canal to be a big deal. Any day of the week there are people striper fishing, running, riding bikes, or like me just watching the boats.
So to get to ride along on Jaguar, the first tugboat in my maritime career, in the tugboat parade for a waterway that is such a big part of both me and the therapist fiancs lifeWell it was a big deal for me. It became an even bigger deal when you factor in the empty 32 gig memory card I had ready and waiting.
So all of the waiting, bad food, no sleep and general confusion of the crew change ended up really being worth it. The crowds along the banks of the canal were far larger than I expected and even included some family members. There was a decent turn out of boats with McAllisters two newer tractor tugs the Andrew and Buckley really stealing the show. I ended up shooting around 1000 frames and I have my 80 or so finished photos posted on my photos sales website, http://newenglandwatermanphoto.smugmug.com/Cape-Cod-Canal-Centennial-Tug/, however if you need a fix now here are a few good ones!

Happy 100th CCC!

Happy 100th CCC!

Andrew McAllister, Reliance, Buckley McAllister

Andrew McAllister, Reliance, Buckley McAllister

Between the bridges, Mac boats in a line

Between the bridges, Mac boats in a line

"Andrew McAllister"

Andrew McAllister

Mass Maritime's

Mass Maritimes Ranger, our pace boat at the east end jetties

proper flag to boat size ration

proper flag to boat size ration

Andrew McAllister and Mass Maritimes Hercules

"Reliance" at the east end

Reliance at the east end



"Sea Smoke" off the boat basin

Sea Smoke off the boat basin

"Alert", "Co", and "Reliance" westbound at the boat basin.

Alert, Co, and Reliance westbound at the boat basin.

Water show by the McAllister tractors at the rail road bridge

Water show by the McAllister tractors at the rail road bridge

Buckley McAllister, the Canals newest escort tug

"Andrew McAllister"

Andrew McAllister

Mass Maritime, and the T/S "Kennedy"

Mass Maritime, and the T/S Kennedy

"Kennedy" & "Ranger"

Kennedy & Ranger

"Kalmar Nyckel" at Mass Maritime

Kalmar Nyckel at Mass Maritime

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1600 Master Near Coastal, Master of Towing Vessels, and a whole binder full of other pieces of paper. You can find me at the controls, hooked up and hard over, when I'm not at home playing with the dogs
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4 Responses to Tugs on Parade, courtesy of a screwchange

  1. lifeat6mph says:

    I bet this was a great time.. it looks like you had wonderful weather.. Last summer we had the opportunity to camp at Nickerson State Park and to ride the rail trail for a few days. It was in June, before the real crowds set in and we had a great time. At 54 years old, I am still trying to figure out how I can fit in a job as a cook on a tug I love that idea..

  2. It was a great time for sure, couldnt have asked for better weather! The canal really is more than a commercial waterway for a lot of people. You dont want to cook on commercial boats, believe me haha. It is like cooking for a bunch of 80 year old woman from different parts of the country, you just wont hear the end of something!
    While a couple of the west coast long haul companies do have OS/cooks, you dont seem them on the east coast at all.

  3. bowsprite says:

    oh wow! Hooray for the CANAL!
    The lovely old tug with the star on the funnel: its almost an old Texaco logo, which co. was Co from?
    Great photos, great parade.

  4. Thanks Bowsprite! The CO is owned and operated by Conrad Roy and family from New Bedford. They have several older boats and various barges.

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