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Back in the Swing of with morevideo!

As I said in my earlier post , I had to bust a little rust of my boat handling skills when it came to driving a conventional boat again. Here is a little video showing me doing just that. All Continue reading

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Proper Planning Prevents

Well it prevents this I have been following and commenting the a thread on The Hull Truth where I got this picture. The owner of the vessel in question was returning from a two day canyon trip when he decided Continue reading

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Perks of thejob

The pay is nice, the time off is better, and the view out your office window is often pretty world class. However in my opinion, depending on where you work, the food is perk #1! Thanks to Capt. Jeremy Dann Continue reading

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Spot Jobs

Coming from a company like ECO, with a very different business mindset, I have had to get familiar with the idea of doing spot work as opposed to long term charters. Being on what is now, at 200 feet, a Continue reading

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Photo of the week6-14-14

A shot from a recent job delivering bunkers, potables, and groceries to the MPSV Lewek Falcon.

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In Cod WeTrust

If you are in the Portland Maine area this summer, and want to get out for a day on the water that includes fish, sun, fun, and a local with a funny accent. I can point you in the right Continue reading

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The swing ofthings

After five weeks at home it is less of a challenge getting back into the routine then I thought it would be. Wake up, paperwork, drive the boat, bullshit with the crew, drive the boat, paperwork, drive the boat, paperwork, Continue reading

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