Even when not at work Ive always got an ear open and listening for maritime events, Im definitely not one of those guys who doesnt even look at a glass of water at home. So the other night I was emailing away when I heard about a vessel on fire in the oil patch requesting assistance. It turned out to the be the Ocean Patriot a ROV and dive support vessel owned and operated by Oceaneering.

Ocean Patriot

Ocean Patriot working an ROV at the Shenzi field

As it turns out a friend of mine was on one of the primary assisting vessels. Hes the chief mate of the Stim Star III, and no stranger to lending a hand offshore, having already assisted in the rescue of several people off a sinking sports fishing vessel just a few months ago. Via emails he gave me a run down on the situation. The Ocean Patriot suffered a fire in their auxiliary engine room that could not be controlled by the fire team. So the engine room was sealed and the CO2 system was activated. Of the 42 people onboard all but the 15 marine crew were evacuated to a second assisting vessel the Lily Jane. The Stim Star III was asked to stand by due to their large fire fighting system, after all they are a well stimulation vessel that carries thousands of gallons of fairly nasty and flammable chemicals. The other vessels standing by included the Christian Chouest, Amber, Forte, Harvey Pacer, and Harvey Hurricane. He also sent me a few pictures from the scene.

Courtesy of Capt. Jesse Winterbottom

Courtesy of Capt. Jesse Winterbottom

As of yesterday the Ocean Patriot had been towed back to fourchon and all crew was reported safe and well.

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