Harvey Deep Sea & HarveyHawk

Got some quick shots today of two boats that are brand new to the bayou and their owner Harvey Gulf International Marine. The Harvey Deep Sea, HGIMs eastern shipbuilding new build construction vessel, and the former GOL 300 new build OSV the now Harvey Hawk. Exciting times in the industry, new boats everyday, expansion and more jobs for everyone. Undoubtably we are in one of the best times to be in the industry.

Harvey Hawk


Harvey Deep Sea


Stern Shot


8/18/13 edit: Got a couple more shots today while loading mud



This last shot is available now on my photo sales site here in the Sunsets, Sunrises, and Weather gallery. Check it out!


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500 Ton Mate Near Coastal/3000 Ton Mate OSV/100 Ton Master Inland Towing Endorsement, ARPA, Unlimited Radar, AB-limited, Radio License STCW, TWIC, and a love of running boats
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