It aint allbad

Well its back to work for me, currently relaxing at the La Quinta in Kenner. If you are looking for a nice place to stay, new clean rooms, decent little bar, I always recommend it.
The therapist, black lab and I had some fun while I was home. Trips to a couple state parks, running RC boats with a cool new group of guys from offshore electrics, and of course using Safari

boat girl, boat dog, and the waterman

moving along

Hold on loosely

fast & loose

neck and neck

Marge & Homer out for a ride

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About newenglandwaterman

500 Ton Mate Near Coastal/3000 Ton Mate OSV/100 Ton Master Inland Towing Endorsement, ARPA, Unlimited Radar, AB-limited, Radio License STCW, TWIC, and a love of running boats
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4 Responses to It aint allbad

  1. lifeat6mpg says:

    great pics.. I want to hear more about that lovely sailboat!

  2. zolljl says:

    Ahhhh life on the water and off.

  3. David Kane says:

    Ben- The boat looks great. Builders Cup race in Padanaram this weekend, wish you could have made it, but we look forward to SAFARI competing next year.

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